What is an Automated Flagging Assistance Device

Simply put, an Automatic Flagging Assisted Device (AFAD) is a remotely operated temporary traffic control device equipped with a gate arm and a light head.


Taking away the traditional flagger with stop/go paddles, these devices can direct and control traffic using only one person and are designed for daily, short-term lane closures. Instantly deploy one on the roadway to safely and efficiently manage traffic.


Traditional AFADs are bulky, difficult to transport and require multiple people to set it up. Site 20/20’s mission was to take the conventional AFAD and make it more innovative and efficient. Our Guardian SmartFlagger (GSF) are built to be lightweight and compact allowing for easy transport, and quick set-up, and tear down.

Cameras located under the light head increase reliability and accountability on every site. The GSF is controlled by an easy-to-use tablet that connects to each GSF using its own LAN network. The GSFs are integrated with Waze enabling you to redirect traffic around your work zone. View daily reports on car counts, average wait times and stream live video from each job site remotely via Site 20/20’s Partner Portal.

To date,  Site 20/20 has had a perfect accident record, boasting 0 injuries across all worksites with the Guardian SmartFlaggers.