Guardian Cone Pro

The Guardian Cone Pro is the Spotter of the Future! Site 20/20’s innovative new product designed to alert workers of oncoming traffic and their speed. This is an essential tool for one-man jobs on the roads. The Guardian Cone Pro is long-lasting, built for distance, acting as the eyes and ears of the road.

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Guardian Cone Pro

Multiple Sensors

Designed to fit within a standard construction cone, the Guardian Cone Pro detects and determines the speed of incoming traffic.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Guardian Cone Pro in one place! From setup to speed alert changes, learn how to ensure you get the safest and most efficient way of working from the Guardian Cone Pro.

Guardian Cone Pro Brochure
Multiple Sensors. Guardian Cone Pro

Wireless Receiver

At a range of 500ft, the wireless receiver alerts workers to incoming traffic and their speed range to keep workers safe from work zone intrusion.

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ATSSA 2022 Innovation of the Year Award

Learn why Site 20/20’s Guardian Cone Pro won the ATSSA 2022 Innovation of the Year Award!

ATSSA Announces Winner of 2022 Innovation Award
ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association)

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