Automated Flagger Assistance Device

Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) is a remotely operated temporary traffic control device equipped with an automated gate arm and a light head. In place of the traditional flagger with stop/go paddles, these devices can direct and control traffic using only one operator and are designed for daily, short-term lane closures. Instantly deploy one on the roadway to safely and efficiently manage traffic.

AFAD automated flagging assistance device, Guardian SmartFlagger. Traffic Control

Guardian SmartFlagger

The Guardian SmartFlagger is the only Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) of its kind. It is controlled within the work zone and provides an overall safer environment using LAN technology, recorded video surveillance, and traffic-rerouting with Waze. Together with our partners, we are significantly increasing motorist compliance and work zone safety all across North America.

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AFAD automated flagger assistance device

The only automated flagger in the world.

High Definition Cameras

High Definition Cameras

360 degree view with night vision
and 80 hours of recording time.

Light Head

Light Head

Google & Waze connected
GPS intrusion alarms.



Extendable legs for easy leveling
on all types of terrain.

Gate Arm

Gate Arm

Fully detachable and linked
with intrusion alarms.

ROI Calculator

Implementing Guardian SmartFlaggers can make a big impact on your job site safety but can also reduce your labour costs. Provide us with a few details about your current setup to see how much you could potentially save with a smart traffic control system.

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Compact size

Designed to fit in the back of a standard pick-up truck, the GSF is the smallest, lightest, most portable AFAD in the industry. Measuring just 24 inches wide, the GSFs small footprint fits on any job site.

Compact size of product

Easy transport

Designed with transport in mind, a single person can easily maneuver and deploy the GSF. Our custom-built wheels allow for easy mobility while deployed on-site.

AFAD automated flagger assistance device wheel transport

60 hour battery life

Equipped with 2 AGM Deep Cycle batteries to make sure you’re always charged and ready to keep your job site safe.


Job site reports

With our partner portal, view daily reports on car counts, average wait times and stream live video from each job site remotely.

AFAD camera view site 20/20

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