$10M Investment from Deep Field Management

$10M Investment from Deep Field Management

Los Angeles, CA –News Direct– Site 20/20

Site 20/20, an industry-leading construction technology company, announced today it will receive a $10 million growth equity investment from Deep Field Asset Management, LLC.

  • “Site 20/20 is bringing highly innovative solutions to a problem that has huge consequences for efficiency and safety in its industry, which is something we are excited to support,” said Jordan Moelis, Managing Partner at Deep Field.
  • “Site 20/20 is humbled to be working with such an experienced investor, having a wealth of international and advanced corporate experience,” said Mitch Hollohan, CEO at Site 20/20. “This partnership will help Site 20/20 take the next step towards our mission to disrupt the traffic control industry.”

This partnership will help Site 20/20 advance its flagship product, the Guardian SmartFlagger, in North America, introduce new products, and aid in its expansion into international markets, especially European and Australian. With over 100 full-time employees, Site 20/20 will leverage this funding to support the company’s engineering, research, and development projects.

“Site 20/20 has a great team and a clear vision in pursuit of an important mission,” said Moelis. “A future with more Guardian SmartFlaggers on roads is a future where the construction industry can be more efficient while keeping people safer.”


Site 20/20 is a Canadian tech company that has grown into a world leader in revolutionizing the construction industry. Their flagship product, the Guardian SmartFlagger, is the first and only smart Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) in the industry. It works to save money and lives on road construction sites by replacing traffic control flaggers with an intelligent portable traffic system. Since its inception, Site 20/20 has integrated over 100 traffic control companies across North America and is rapidly moving towards its goals of connecting all roadways and innovating the construction industry.


Deep Field Asset Management LLC (“DFAM”) is a privately held SEC Registered Investment Advisor with approximately $210 million in assets under management. DFAM manages the Deep Field Opportunities Fund (“Fund”), a concentrated global investment fund that invests primarily in the small- and mid-cap space. The Fund aims to back superior management teams pursuing idiosyncratic, difficult-to-replicate strategies wherein a market position or asset is leveraged to expand share and compound cash flow over a multi-year period. DFAM also manages select other investment products that target unique public & private investment opportunities in diverse industries. DFAM was launched in 2014 by Jordan Moelis, the firm’s Portfolio Manager. To learn more about Deep Field Asset Management, go to their website https://www.deepfieldam.com/

Deep field asset management invests $10m. Site 20/20