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The Guardian SmartFlagger

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High Definition Cameras

High Definition Cameras

360 degree view with night vision
and 80 hours of recording time.

Light Head

Light Head

Google & Waze connected
GPS intrusion alarms.

Compact Size

Compact Size

Measuring just 24 inches wide,
the GSFs small footprint fits on any job site.

Gate Arm

Gate Arm

Fully detachable and linked
with intrusion alarms.

The future of traffic control

The Guardian SmartFlagger is the only Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) of its kind. It is controlled within the work zone and provides an overall safer environment using LAN technology, recorded video surveillance, and rerouting traffic with Waze.

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AFAD automated flagger assistance device

The Benefits

Reduce Labour Costs Reduce Labour Costs

Reduce the amount of staff needed on each job site, increasing your net return on job contracts.

Increased Safety Increased Safety

AFAD systems increase the safety of construction workers by removing Flaggers from the flow of traffic.

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency

No overtime, travel time, sick days, room and board accommodations or HR issues.

Independent Network Independent Network

AFAD systems increase the safety of construction workers by decreasing traffic volume and work zone intrusion.

Driver Compliance Driver Compliance

AFAD systems increase the safety of construction workers by removing Flaggers from the flow of traffic.

Smart Work Zone Smart Work Zone

Connected with Waze allowing you to instantly redirect traffic around your work zone.

Waze partnership

All of our products are integrated with Waze. From the moment you turn them on, the data will alert Waze users of where job sites are and provide them with alternative routes.

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AFAD Waze Site 20/20 Map


The setup process is fairly seamless, and once you’re up and running you’ll receive daily reports on car counts, average wait times and be able to livestream video from all job sites remotely.

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AFAD camera view site 20/20


Improved Site Safety

“I think the [Guardian SmartFlagger] has improved job site safety. It’s one of the easiest things we do every day; one man can set up the whole operation. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 100. By far the best tools in my arsenal.”

Lee Boyd

Foreman, Wiregrass Construction

An Integral Part of our Business

“At RoadSafe, safety isn’t just part of our name, it’s one of our key fundamentals.  That’s why there was no hesitation to partner with the Site20/20 Guardian Smart Flagger to help keep our employees out of harm’s way when controlling traffic in work zones.  Coupled with the cost savings benefit, these devices have become an integral part of our business.”

Christopher Patterson

Director of Operations, RoadSafe

Has Lowered the Stress Level of My Staff Enormously

“I guess you could say I and my entire crew love working with the AFAD’s. As an organization that is pushing to use these devices as much as possible, it has lowered the stress level of my staff enormously. Once my crew gets familiar with them, they prefer to stay on jobs with the devices versus working with actual flaggers…I would like to add that we have already seen a lot of benefits from using the AFADs in regards to general safety and handling of any disputes from citizens.”

Shawn Severin

Operations Manager, Loveland Barricade, LLC.

Critical to the Success of Daily Workflow

“We have been using the Guardian SmartFlagger Units in partnership with Site 20/20 since October 2019. These units are critical to the success of Key Flagging’s daily workflow and are imperative for the safety of our workforce. This has only been highlighted with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Guardian SmartFlagger system is a key component in ensuring the social distancing of our workers and maintaining their safety.”

Kieanna Pinder

Owner, Key Flagging LLC.

Nothing Short of Remarkable


“In January 2019, we adopted Site 20/20’s SmartFlaggers to create safer, more efficient work zones. The impact has been nothing short of remarkable. The cost savings we experience leads to us winning more jobs, all while creating safer work environments for our employees. The recorded video protects our clients and us from liability disputes, intrusions alarms fives piece of mind to the people working in the work zone, and motorists’ compliance is greatly increased thanks to this technology.”

David Heimann

VP of Sales and Marketing, Trafficade

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