• 1 Man, 1 Truck, 1 Job.
  • Mobile, setup in minutes and is easy to get around.
    Two SmartFlaggers can fit in one truck.
  • Create an independent Local Area Network. No cell service is required.
  • Record LIVE video with front and rear cameras. Liability disputes will be the thing of the past.
  • 118dB alarm to warm all workers of illegal vehicle intrusions.
  • 1 TCP can operate up to 4 lights per tablet.
  • Waze partnership will divert cars from entering the work zone.
  • Increase job-site efficiencies. Less traffic = less disruption.
  • Decrease traffic related injuries.
  • Unlimited work zone possibilities - stationary, moving and pilot job sites.
  • Can be tracked with GPS
  • Weather tested for environments from -22F to 140F

Cost Efficient.

  • Staffing costs are immediately reduced
  • Win more jobs - your costs are lower.
  • No over time pay.
  • No health care costs and reduced workers comp.

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