Setup Guide – Guardian SmartFlagger AFAD

Setting up your Guardian SmartFlagger (AFAD) is quick and easy!


Follow these simple AFAD setup steps:

Step 1: Fully extend the legs, screw the jack screws down until the wheels are entirely off the ground,

and double-check the level bubble to ensure your Guardian SmartFlagger (AFAD) is level. Remove the gate arm.

Guardian SmartFlagger Setup Guide

Step 2:  Release the shock absorber on the light head.

Guardian SmartFlagger Setup Guide

Step 3: Pull pin one on the left side of the GSF (AFAD) and lift the mast up.

Guardian SmartFlagger Setup Guide

Step 4: Pull pin two to lift the light head (this will engage the hidden pin three).

AFAD set up how to

Step 5: Pin 4 allows you to lift the GSF (AFAD) all the way up.

AFAD set up how to

Step 6: Place the batteries in the holder on GSF (AFAD) and connect the GSF (AFAD) to the batteries.

AFAD batteries

Step 7: Pull pin 5 to move the gate pivot halfway up.

AFAD set up how to

Step 8: Turn on the GSF (AFAD) by pressing the button under the light head.

AFAD set up how to turn on

Step 9: Pull pins six and seven on the gate arm to unfold it.

AFAD set up how to flag

Step 10: Attach the gate arm to the GSF (AFAD) using the magnets.

AFAD set up how to attach flag

Step 11: Repeat these steps as necessary for every GSF (AFAD) on your site. Happy Flagging!

To watch our Setup Guide, visit our YouTube or watch the video below!


Learn more:

The Guardian SmartFlagger AFAD is the industry’s first and only SMART automated flagging assistance device (AFAD). The GSF (AFAD) allows you to fully control traffic from a safe vantage point within a worksite, increasing the worksite’s safety and efficiency. You can control up to 4 locations within a work zone and can be used on 99.9% of jobs in your day-to-day operations (request our AFAD playbook here). To learn more about AFADs, find our blog, “AFADs: What is an Automated Flagging Assistance Device.”,