December 4th, 2018

Read on to find out how SmartFlagger 1.4 will make your job easier, simpler and more efficient

Your most requested changes

Based on your continual and extremely valuable feedback this summer, our team has worked hard to make your job easier. We’re proud to offer you SmartFlagger 1.4 software as of today.

Thank you for being our partner! Read on for highlights from this huge leap forward.

Please note that this is a major upgrade – updating your systems may require hands-on assistance from your Site 2020 rep. Contact your rep for more info, or call us at 1 800 470 3077.

Key Changes

Fewer mistakes and quicker training – better instructions

Nobody likes to go back and fix a problem a mile down the site, so the SmartFlagger app now contains more instructions on each page, helping prevent mistakes when setting up and using the system. 

Safer gates with advanced speed algorithm

You wanted better gates to prevent collisions, and make drivers comply – here they are! We’ve tweaked the speed and timing and completely rewritten how the gates work to keep your site safe. Remember your Video Surveillance sign and advance cones! 

Smoother camera streaming and better surveillance footage

Never second guess your cameras again. Playback is miles better – see it to believe it! AND, spot licence plates better with increased video storage quality.

Increase Safety and reduce frustration with Pilot Mode

Everyone who has tried Pilot Mode has loved it, but sometimes the number of notifications and sounds can be a little much. We’ve reworked all Pilot Mode functions to be way easier to use – it’s almost effortless. Make sure you have your tablet mount and car charger!

More streamlined setup and pairing

Who wants to redo their entire setup because of a mistake or error? Not us! We’ve revamped our connection settings to accommodate more user errors and difficult situations.

End your day smiling with a better QUIT button

The quit button has been reworked to be more predictable. Choose how to end your site with full confidence.

Many more changes!

This is a highlights list of our most-requested changes but there are tons more under the hood. Contact your Site 2020 rep today to request more info and a remote software update to see for yourself!

Any Questions?

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