November 2nd, 2018

Watch Hector in Oklahoma control an entire site by driving the pilot car, and operating the smart flaggers at each end.

Safer sites with infinite range

The number one request I get is for more site distance, and for more flexibility to use SmartFlaggers within that range. Pilot mode lets you control your SmartFlaggers as you drive back and forth in your pilot truck – doing the work of 3 or more personnel! We’ve successfully piloted sites miles long, with the increased security of controlling the speed and flow of traffic using a pilot vehicle.

Watch Hector in action! Click the video below!

How does it work?

Pilot mode is very simple. Once you update your tablet AND your SmartFlaggers to Site 2020 App Version 1.3.1, set up your site as you typically would, but don’t worry about range.

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Step 1

Get in your Pilot Car with your Base Station and position yourself in front of a SmartFlagger. Open the gate of this SmartFlagger, and drive through site as cars follow you.

Step 2

Before you lose range from this SmartFlagger, slow down and close the gate. This will ensure full site control. If you don’t manually close it, the gate can’t be guaranteed to close automatically.

Step 3

Drive to the other end of the site, and make a U-turn. Position yourself in front of the second SmartFlagger as the cars behind you leave the site.

Step 4

Repeat with the second SmartFlagger, open the gate and then drive away, making sure to close it before you lose connection. You’ve now piloted your first site, doing the work of 3+ people!

Don’t Forget!

Here are a couple points to make sure you pilot safely!

Use proper signage so people can follow it!

This is crucial. Make sure each side street has a “WAIT FOR PILOT CAR” sign. Check your local traffic manual for specific sign versions and regulations.

Image Source: Hays Post

Have solid control points to encourage compliance

Each SmartFlagger should have as many cones ahead as required to “lock in” or funnel traffic so drivers aren’t tempted to go around the AFAD. We recommend using a “VIDEO SURVEILLANCE” sign for best compliance. Check with your local DOT for signage rules.

Use a tablet holder

Ask us about our vehicle tablet mount for safer hands-free operation.

Any Questions?