November 27th, 2018

Turn your SmartFlaggers into a “shield” for your site, reducing dangerous public compliance situations

Motorists obey AFADs – but it’s key to nudge them along

As we all know, fewer compliance issues means fewer angry calls from contractors and DOT inspectors. People comply to AFADs four times better than flaggers – as long as the AFADs are set up with the correct signage. Watch as your site compliance increases instantly with just a few cones and signs!

Given AFADs are new, a few hints on how to react can really help motorists.

Simple Signs

All the signs leading up to an AFAD site are common signs:

  • Road Work Ahead
  • One Lane Road Ahead
  • Be Prepared to Stop
  • Stop Here on Red

Replacing Stop Here on Red with a custom Video Surveillance versionlets people know they can’t get away with anything.

Advance cones to lock in traffic

Often even a human flagger can’t prevent a rogue driver. Combine your Video Surveillance sign with 5 advance cones to discourage drivers from going around. Start at the gate and extend out 75 feet – add more cones as you judge they are needed.

Pilot for extra security

Piloting ensures cars travel slowly, and reduces aggressive driving. Make sure each entry to the site has a Wait for Pilot Car sign.


Need signs? We sell them!

Contact us for signs, stands and more accessories to make your SmartFlagger setups simpler, safer and more efficient.

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