ATSSA Announces Winner of 2022 Innovation Award

ATSSA Announces Winner of 2022 Innovation Award

[Tampa, Florida]— Today, the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) announced Site 20/20’s Guardian Cone as this year’s winner of their prestigious Innovation Award. This award recognizes new products that contribute to the traffic industry’s mission of advancing roadway safety and working toward zero deaths on roadways.

The Guardian Cone increases industry safety by detecting work zone intrusions and alerting workers of potential danger through wireless alerts and speed monitoring.

  • “The Guardian Cone is the next frontier of Site 20/20’s mission bringing highly innovative solutions to industry problems that have huge consequences for traffic safety and efficiency internationally,” said Trevor Romkey, COO at Site 20/20.


This year’s innovative products were evaluated by a panel of judges composed of industry-leading traffic safety experts. The judges reviewed products from companies across North America as part of the New Products Rollout in ATSSA’s Circle of Innovation.

  • “The New Product Rollout provides the opportunity for people across the industry to see the products that were released in the past year that provide fresh ideas to advance roadway safety,” said Eric Perry, ATSSA’s Director of Innovation & Technical Services, in an interview. “The judges found these products aligned well with the goal to eliminate roadway deaths.”

So, what’s next for this innovative traffic control company? Well, according to their COO, a lot:

  • “It was a race at Site 20/20 between five or six other projects to see which product will be ready, go to market, be tested, and be available to compete at the ATSSA Innovation award,” said Romkey. “So, in short, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Site 20/20 is a Canadian tech company that has grown into a world leader in revolutionizing the construction industry. Their flagship product, the Guardian SmartFlagger, is the first and only smart automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) in the industry. It works to save money and lives on road construction sites by replacing traffic control flaggers with an intelligent portable traffic system. Since its inception, Site 20/20 has integrated over 100 traffic control companies across North America and is rapidly moving towards its goals of connecting all roadways and innovating the construction industry. To learn more about Site 20/20, visit

Site 20/20 product the Guardian Cone Pro wins ATSSA 2022 Innovation Award