A More Versatile AFAD: The GSF

AFADs are an innovative solution to control traffic that keeps workers out of harm’s way, but due to size and lack of movability, traditional AFADs are limited in the number of jobs they can work on. The lack of versatility creates a site-specific AFAD, limiting the operator on what jobs they can and can’t take on.


A major misconception about the Guardian SmartFlagger (GSF) is that it’s the same as the traditional AFAD and that it can only work on specific jobs in specific scenarios – a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Our deployment team has a policy that they tell every client; if you can flag, you can SmartFlag. Our deployment experts work with each client to individually customize training based on your company procedures. Assessing each client by what jobs they acquire, the equipment they use, all the way down to where they store their GSF, our deployment reps create individual traffic procedures to ensure that the client knows how to use their GSF on every site they work on.  


There are three main types of jobs that our deployment experts will custom-train the client on:


Static jobs This is a general construction job type. A high percentage of jobs use this site setup. This is a job that requires you to set up the SmartFlaggers once for the entire job.


Utility/ Maintenance jobs – These jobs require multiple static setups. Once your job is complete, you pack up all your equipment, move to the next location, and then set up your static job again.


Mobile Jobs – This job requires a continuously moving setup, which means the job requires your setup to be mobile and move along with the work you are doing. An example of this type of job would be laying down fibre optic cables.


The versatility of the GSF and the customized training our Deployment experts provide ensures that you can use your GSF on any type of job you encounter.


For an in-depth look at the different job types the guardian SmartFlagger can be used on, please consult our playbook. https://site2020.com/integration/