1.4.10 Software Update


Increased site awareness with on-screen tablet notifications for new operator learning.
Help button real time communication with SmartFlagger deployment reps for on site questions.
Pilot Mode Timed Gate, allowing users to keep SmartFlagger gates open for a user-defined period of time, no matter how far away you drive.
Setup pages are calculated and have faster connection times.
On-screen tablet notifications:

Notifies operator when they are in a high noise Wi-Fi area to tell them to stay close to their base station
More than one tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network for security
Base station temperature
Camera status
USB Status
Gate Status
Gate sensor Status
Antenna connection status
Base station distance update per site
Lockout timer status
If User has their location service disabled, they will be prompted to enable it for Waze data sharing.
Base station channel awareness for changing channel for better site experience.
***Your Deployment Specialist will be in contact with you soon***