Smart technology, portable equipment, fast deployment. And it always works.

Site2020’s Guardian Smartflagger is the reliable ‘smart choice’ for industry leaders looking for more efficient traffic control. Most traditional remote flagging systems increase safety by removing human flaggers from dangerous positions. However, the management of these systems is still heavily dependent on human decisions or manual control.

Our patented vision system and the modular design enables a single trained operator to manage an entire site. The live video records traffic at each site entrance. Our advanced, yet functional software allows a company to control up to 4 Guardian SmartFlaggers. This connected site runs smoothly, safely and can be managed manually or with our preprogrammed automatic settings.

Site2020 is proud to offer an industry-leading traffic control solution that helps companies focus on productive work crews, prevents slow downs, and ensures more efficient management of resources. And it always shows up for work.

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Portable, light and modular system

  • Modular & expandable for intersections or large sites
  • Truck mounted option available
  • Quick and easy set-up & tear-down
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Effective people and resource management

  • Reduced HR overhead & admin
  • Less turnover & staffing disruptions
  • Remote site monitoring & surveillance capabilities
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Easy implementation and flexible site management

  • Modular system allows you to easily set up your site
  • Tablet-based interface allows arbitrary configurations
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Reliable and durable equipment

  • IP65, MIL-810-G, and designed for use up to 110km/h (60mph)
  • Tough aluminum frame engineered for the worst conditions
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Safer, more manageable worksites

  • Easily controlled by a single person anywhere on the job site
  • Limit flagger exposure to unsafe roadways
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Reduces job costs and slow downs

  • On time, every time. Up to 24 hour coverage and 4 SmartFlaggers
  • Redundancy in case of failure or emergency.
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Système portatif, léger et modulaire

  • Modulaire et extensible pour les intersections ou les grands sites
  • Option montée sur camion disponible
  • Démontage rapides et faciles
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Gestion efficace des ressources

  • Réduction des frais généraux et de l'administration des ressources humaines
  • Surveillance à distance du site
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Implémentation facile et gestion flexible du site

  • Système modulaire vous permet de configurer facilement votre site
  • L'interface basée sur tablette permet des configurations arbitraires
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Équipement fiable et plus durable

  • IP65, MIL-810G, et conçu pour 110 km/h
  • Cadre en aluminium robuste conçu pour les pires conditions
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Des lieux de travail plus sûrs et plus faciles à gérer

  • Facilement contrôlé par une seule personne n'importe où sur le chantier
  • Limiter l'exposition de flaggeer aux chaussées dangereuses
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Réduit les coûts de travail et ralentit

  • À l'heure, à chaque fois. Jusqu'à 24 heures de couverture
  • Redondance en cas de panne ou d'urgence.
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